The DPL Birthday Party!

The Defensive Patent License Birthday Party, held on November 15, 2013, marked the unveiling of the DPL 1.0 to the world. Held at the Internet Archive, an audience of about 50 lawyers, activists, and founders heard the Archive's own Brewster Kahle speak about the broken patent system and the origin of the DPL as a way to solve it.

Profs. Jennifer Urban and Jason Schultz walked through the language of the license, showing how it benefits adopters without sacrificing freedom of movement in the marketplace.

Julie Samuels of the Electronic Frontier Foundation finished the presentation with a call to action, asking those in attendance to spread word of the DPL to interested parties and prepare for the DPL Launch on November 7, 2014.

The night ended with cake, champagne, refreshments, and much discussion of the license and its future.

Watch the video of the event at the Internet Archive.